We exist. . .

To unleash the power of citizens

to heal themselves and to build community.


The Powderhorn Phillips Cultural Wellness Center is located at the corner of Lake Street and Bloomington Avenue in the heart of the Powderhorn and Phillips neighborhoods in South Minneapolis. 

The Center, which opened to the public in January 1997, grew out of the grassroots, community organizing work of the Healthy Powderhorn Initiative.  Healthy Powderhorn, funded in 1994 by the Allina Foundation, worked to bring groups of residents and health care workers together to identify and seek solutions to issues that have an impact on the total communityís health status. Over a thousand people were organized over a two-year period.  These voices stated that loss of connection to culture and community underlies many diseases. New and old residents of this community agreed that in order to improve the health of members of their community they need an organization that was designed to fulfill the following objectives:

1)      To enable residents/patients to take ownership and responsibility for their own health;

2)      To work with all cultural communities in the area, with a particular emphasis on communities of color;

3)      To be relevant to the health of the community;

4)      To teach medical professionals to use culture as a resource for health and healing for their patients and themselves; &

5)      To be a learning organization by continually incorporating lessons learned, community research findings and evaluation outcomes into the Centerís work, and disseminating these findings to the greater community.

The Cultural Wellness Center addresses the current health deficits by increasing personal responsibility and group capacity to heal through behavior and lifestyle changes. The individual is given power over and responsibility for their own health and well-being.  They are guided by Elders, teachers and kinship networks that know and can relate to the deep cultural ways of healing through a community care-giving system.



















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